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Ian Garry needs an image overhaul + interview with Vince McMahon biographer Josie Reisman

Ian Garry needs an image overhaul + interview with Vince McMahon biographer Josie Reisman

Ian Garry may have won his fight but he still needs to work on his image.

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Ian Garry barely eked out a win over the ultra tough Geoff Neal this past Saturday night, but after all the trash he talked combined with that performance, we’re left wondering if the Irish lightning rod can turn his plight around. The crowd, the fans watching around the world and his fellow fighters spent a fair amount of time roasting him on social media in the aftermath of the contest, and even into the week as the Irishman did the podcast rounds.

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One of the biggest problems we see with Garry is his inability to figure out whether he wants to be a face or a heel. The turmoil of this dilemma is almost palpable too. He spoke to Ariel Helwani about his ritual crying session he has before each fight, trying to illustrate the passion and respect he has for the sport, yet his comments and even his actions in the leadup to fight day painted the picture of a man playing the heel role—or trying to.

It was particularly notable when he talked about how he was going to finish Neal on his Instagram account yet didn’t come anywhere near his prediction. It was certainly a far cry from the man that insisted on dapping before each round. (H/T MMA Junkie for the transcription)

“What am I going to finish him with? I am going to make him quit,” Garry said in an Instagram post. “He’ll choose when he’s done. I’d like to kick him to the body and have him do that, when the dog’s sh—tting – the look when the dogs look at you, like, when they’re pooing, for protection. That’s what they do, right? Look at their owners when they’re pooing because that’s when they’re vulnerable for attack?”

In an interview with Megan Olivi, he told her that if Geoff Neal tried to shoot for a takedown, he would “either break a limb or take his soul.”

When discussing the contest during the post-fight press conference, he talked about how hard Geoff Neal hits and how “if you were in front of him, you’d run too.” I wouldn’t normally have a problem with this if he would just figure out what he wants to be, good guy Ian Garry or bad guy Ian Garry. This wishy-washy stuff leaves a sour taste in the mouth. And I must reiterate, this has nothing to do with his wife. It is 100% rooted in him.

Ian talked all that smack, yet didn’t seem like he was willing to believe in himself enough to throw down and go for it. Then you look at Ilia Topuria, also poised to become a superstar (definitely the man most likely to actually achieve it) and how he fought like a man possessed. The two performances are night and day, and to hear Ian tell it, one would think he’s poised for greatness the likes of which the world has never seen. From where I’m sitting, he’s got a lot of work to do to turn this frown upside down.

That said, I’m still on the Ian Garry stan-wagon, as I’ve been since he made his debut. I can’t tell you how many times I argued with my co-hosts over several shows about his talent and potential for greatness. I want to see him do well because I think his evolution has been amazing to watch. That said, Saturday night’s performance was merely a whimper, not the roar we were promised. It’s up to you to turn it around.

Get the UFC to make a fight in Ireland with you headlining, and hopefully, it will be against Colby Covington. Put on a Fight of the Year performance. Gain the adulation and support of your country. Gain the fanbase you envision for yourself. And for Heaven’s sake, go heel or go face—there is no in between.

What else did you talk about besides Ian Garry?

We broke down five fights from this weekend’s upcoming UFC Mexico card and Victor secured a sensational interview with Josie Reisman, the unauthorized biographer of Vince McMahon. The best part is today is FREE episode day, so the entire show is on us. You’re welcome. Here’s the fights we predicted:

UFC Mexico

  • Brandon Moreno  vs.  Brandon Royval 125 lbs

  • Yair Rodriguez  vs.  Brian Ortega 145 lbs

  • Daniel Zellhuber  vs.  Francisco Prado 155 lbs

  • Raul Rosas Jr.  vs.  Ricky Turcios 135 lbs

  • Yazmin Jauregui  vs.  Sam Hughes 115 lbs

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MMA Vivisection & 6th Round
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